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Cryptographic resilience to continual information leakage by daniel wichs a dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of philosophy department of computer science new york university september, 2011 professor yevgeniy dodis. Daniele micciancio submitted to the department of electrical engineering and computer science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of thesis supervisor accepted by arthur c smith chairman, departmental committee on graduate students massachuset s institute. Structure of the thesis 11 motivation if a perfectly secured algorithm is used then the decryption/private key for the scheme needs to be random (ie uniform probability key distribution and probability for each of the bits in based on which, this section is derived from the lecture of daniele micciancio's lattice based. Finish the thesis i have had helpful discussions and received comments and suggestions from many other people, including (non-exhaustively): boaz barak, marten van dijk, shafi goldwasser iftach haitner, michael hamburg, susan hohenberger, yuval ishai, yael tauman kalai vadim lyubashevsky, daniele micciancio. List of computer science publications by daniele micciancio. Homomorphic encryption is a form of encryption that allows computation on ciphertexts, generating an encrypted result which, when decrypted, matches the result of the operations as if they had been performed on the plaintext the purpose of homomorphic encryption is to allow computation on encrypted data. Professor massimo franceschetti professor daniele micciancio the dissertation of sarah meiklejohn is approved and is acceptable in quality and form for the dissertation author was a primary investigator and author of this paper chapter 3, in part, is a reprint of the material as it appears in advances in cryptology. Practical hardness results are necessary to select parameters for cryptographic schemes cryptographic challenges proved to be useful for determining the practical hardness of computational problems that are used to build public-key cryptography however, several of these problems have the drawback.

Trapdoors for lattices: simpler, tighter, faster, smaller daniele micciancio1⋆ and chris peikert2⋆⋆ 1 university of california, san diego 2 georgia institute of technology abstract we give new methods for generating and using “strong trap- doors” in cryptographic lattices, which are simultaneously simple, efficient. The 2009 survey by micciancio and regev [146] on lattice-based phd thesis stanford university, 2009 [80] craig gentry fully homomorphic encryption using ideal lattices in stoc, pages 169–178, 2009 [128] vadim lyubashevsky, daniele micciancio, chris peikert, and alon rosen. Jaak randmets programming languages for secure multi-party computation application development phd thesis university of tartu 2017 (pdf, bibtex) johannes a buchmann, niklas büscher, florian göpfert, stefan katzenbeisser, juliane krämer, daniele micciancio, sander siim, christine van vredendaal. Institute of mathematics master's thesis the ajtai-dwork cryptosystem and other cryptosystems based on lattices author: michael hartmann supervisor: prof dr joachim rosenthal october 29, 2015.

[cover (japanese)] [post quantum cryptography] [the lll algorithm] [tcc 2010] address: university of california, san diego computer science & engineering department 9500 gilman drive, mail code 0404 la jolla, ca 92093 -5004, usa phone: (858) 822-2577 fax: (858) 534-7029 e-mail: daniele(at)cs ucsdedu. A thesis presented to the graduate faculty university of wisconsin-platteville in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree master of science (m sc ) in computer science by chinmay shah 2015 based on which, this section is derived from the lecture of daniele micciancio's lattice based public key.

A dissertation presented to the academic faculty by daniel nicolas dadush in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree doctor of philosophy in daniele micciancio, whose ingenuity and speed with complex lattice structures has at a high level, the problems considered in this thesis concern the var. Authors authors and affiliations yi-kai liu vadim lyubashevsky daniele micciancio yi-kai liu 1 vadim lyubashevsky 1 daniele micciancio 1 1 university of californiasan diego, la jollausa conference paper 6 citations 10 readers 749 downloads part of the lecture notes in computer science book series.

Venkatesan guruswami, daniele micciancio, oded regev computational complexity 14(2), pp 90-121, 2005 preliminary version in proc of ccc 2004 randomised nearest neighbour lower bound (pdf) amit chakrabarti, oded regev siam journal on computing 39(5) pp 1919-1940, 2010 preliminary version in proc. Yuriy arbitman, gil dogon, vadim lyubashevsky, daniele micciancio, chris peikert and alon rosen swifftx: a proposal for the sha-3 standard pdf yaping li, hongyi yao, minghua chen, sidarth jaggi, and alon rosen ripple authentication for network coding in infocom 2010 david freeman, oded goldreich,. Complexity of lattice problems: a cryptographic perspective (the springer international series in engineering and computer science) mar 31, 2002 by daniele micciancio and shafi goldwasser. Trapdoors for lattices: simpler, tighter, faster, smaller authors authors and affiliations daniele micciancio chris peikert daniele micciancio 1 chris peikert 2 1university of californiasan diegousa 2georgia institute of technology usa conference paper 93 citations 75 readers 38k downloads part of the.

Daniele micciancio thesis

On the concrete security of lattice-based cryptography a dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of doctor of philosophy in computer science by michael walter committee in charge: professor daniele micciancio, chair professor mihir bellare professor shachar. I appreciated his great availability for patiently explaining me subtleties of security definitions and proofs, his encyclopedic knowledge of the literature and his meticulous review of my thesis and some of my papers i am grateful to dr kristin lauter and to professor daniele micciancio for arranging my stay in san diego. Foundations of group signatures: formal definitions, simplified requirements, and a construction based on general assumptions m bellare, d micciancio, b warinschi international conference on the theory and applications of cryptographic, 2003 638, 2003 complexity of lattice problems: a cryptographic perspective.

Lattices and their application in cryptography - merve cakir - bachelor thesis - engineering - computer engineering - publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or the aim of this thesis is to identify the characteristics of lattice-based cryptosys- [1] and the lecture notes of daniele micciancio [2. [60] daniele micciancio the shortest vector in a lattice is hard to approximate to within some constant ieee symposium on foundations of computer science, pages 92–98, 1998, theorylcsmitedu/∼miccianc/papers/svpps [61] hermann minkowski ¨uber geometrie der zahlen gesammelte abhandlungen 1:264– 265. Daniele micciancio and stefano tessaro itcs 2013 multi-instance security and its application to password-based cryptography mihir bellare, thomas ristenpart, and stefano tessaro crypto 2012 semantic security for the wiretap channel [video] mihir bellare, stefano tessaro, and alexander vardy crypto 2012.

D micciancio, on the hardness of the shortest vector problem, phd thesis, mit, 1998 daniele micciancio and shafi goldwasser, complexity of lattice problems: a cryptographic perspective, kluwer academic publishers march 2002 page 71 , eq (27), on the right-hand side change m^2 to m^{2/n} (thanks to vaughan. Daniele micciancio received a phd in computer science from the massachusetts institute of technology in 1998, and joined the faculty of the university of he received several awards, including the matchey award for best student paper at focs 1998, sprowls award for best phd thesis at mit eecs department in 1999,. Pseudorandom knapsacks and the sample complexity of lwe search-to- decision reductions authors authors and affiliations daniele micciancio petros mol daniele micciancio 1 petros mol 1 1department of computer science & engineeringuniversity of californiasan diegousa conference paper 19 citations. Tal malkin, daniele micciancio, sara miner proc of the 20th annual iacr eurocrypt conference (eurocrypt '02) a longer, though slightly older, version tal malkin phd thesis, massachusetts institute of technology the all-or- nothing nature of two-party secure computation amos beimel, tal malkin, silvio micali.

daniele micciancio thesis This thesis studies the topic of white-box cryptography (wbc), which focusses on software in deze thesis beschouwen we een aanvalsmodel waarbij de aanvaller onbeperkte toegang heeft tot de software-implementatie: het white-box model het doel [37] ran canetti, daniele micciancio, and omer reingold perfectly.
Daniele micciancio thesis
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